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Felt the same way that he did about his father's absence. Edgar had begun to feel much better, but with the topic of his father back in his mind, he was falling back into a depression. How's your mum doing up at the farm? asked Murray. She's all right, Sir. Busy, but doing fine. Now that's enough of that sir stuff. I appreciate the manners and it goes to show your mum's doing a good job with you, but you can call me Murray. Sound good? Yes, s- I mean, Murray. Murray smiled down at the boy as they entered the bakery and Edgar smiled back. Once Edgar had purchased what he needed, and he and Murray had returned to where the blacksmith's shop was located, Murray stopped and looked down at Edgar. I got something inside the shop I wanna show you before you go back to your mum. Edgar nodded his head and the two of them left the cobblestone road and walked into the shop. Sunlight came through the windows of the blacksmith's shop, revealing a good amount of dust in the air. The shop was rather dingy and it seemed obvious to Edgar that Murray didn't clean things very often. I live just through that door, there at the back of the shop. It's small, but it's just me, so I figured there's no sense in having a whole house. buy instagram likes What I wanted to show you is back there. Follow me. Edgar followed Murray through the door into his living quarters. Murray wasn't being modest when he said it was small. There was a bed, a table and a chair, what looked like a closet with a curtain hanging in front of it, and a door that Edgar umed led outside to an outhouse. There was leftover food still on the table and the bed had not been made. Edgar was not used buy instagram likes to such untidiness, and as children sometimes do, he let his curiosity get the best of him. instagram Why don't you have a wife, Murray? Murray google looked down at the boy sullenly and pursed his lips. Edgar suddenly realized that buy instagram likes he should have kept his mouth shut. Well, Murray said with a sigh, I was married for a time. Her name was Andrea. She was the most beautiful woman in the village. Murray then turned away from Edgar. But she took ill and ped on a couple of years ago. Edgar was ashamed of himself and began to say he was sorry, but Murray cut him off. Enough about the past. Let me show you what's in the closet. Suddenly, Edgar realized that he was in a strange man's house and became uneasy. Murray had been nice to him and had helped him, but he didn't know him that well and wondered if it wasn't a mistake to follow him into his shop. Murray reached the closet and turned to Edgar with a smile, and when he saw the cautious look on Edgar's face, he chuckled. Come on, boy. I ain't gonna hurt ye. Murray began to draw instagram the curtain to the side and said, Now be quiet. I think they're sleeping. As Murray moved the curtain aside, Edgar's eyes lit up. Lying at the floor of the closet was a female wolfhound with five pups, all huddled together. The big one's name is Tiffa. As Murray spoke, one of the puppies lifted his head from his mother's leg and walked over to Edgar, wagging his tail. Can I pick him up? asked Edgar. Course you can. Go ahead. Edgar bent down and picked